The Mayfly Story


With a last chance at life, young lovers’ road trip derails in a small town, leading to dire consequences, exposing the frailty of idealistic dreams.   


Mayfly is a modern drama about the grandiosity of idealism to the intimacy of realism, personal choices and finding hope in a fading life. The story unfolds in shifting timelines, offering deep character exploration and intriguing turns.



"It's a hell of a story, guys...a hell of a story" - Ken Luzzader, actor

"F*ck Yeah! Wow! I have goosepimples" - Jayvo Scott, actor

"What an incredible read.... I thought I had it pegged, but you surprised me." - Erin Nicole Cline, actress

"I absolutely love your script!" - Sylvia Caminer, Producer

"Dude... Powerhouse of a script. Wow. Those are some gorgeous, and i mean GORGEOUS characters you have crafted. There is so much spirit and hope and devastation and coming of age without making me wanna fucking gag and just some seriously stunning visual moments. I could see how this would be shot in my mind while reading it, and every time I hit pause in my brain each shot could stand alone as a perfect photograph. I think you have something really special." - Lyndon Smith, Actress