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Sylvia Caminer ... Producer

Sylvia Caminer/Dolger Films is an Emmy Award-winning director-producer, with extensive credits in film, television and theatre. Sylvia’s achievements as director-producer with two decades of experience, with close working relationships with “A” talent, has led her to become an in-demand fixture at international film festivals as well as guest lecturer at New York’s School of Visual Arts, Shetler Studios, and especially The Neighborhood Playhouse, internationally acknowledged as one of the top theatrical acting conservatories in the world. As owner and president of DolGer Films, based in Florida and New York, Sylvia has worked all over the world from the United States to Europe to India to Africa to South America and back again.


Sylvia's feature films have included; Grace (2014) with Annika Marks, Sharon Lawrence,  Aftermath (2014) with Anthony Michael Hall , Chris Penn, Love N' Dancing (2009) with Amy Smart, Blue Moon (2000), The Deli (1997) with Mike Starr, Gretchen Mol, Ice-T, The Animal Room (1995) with Neil Patrick Harris, Amanda Peet and Men Lie (1994). 


She has also produced and directed feature documentaries, An Affair of the Heart, which chronicles the unique relationship between pop idol, Rick Springfield, and his adoring fans over the last three decades and Tanzania; A Friendship Journey.


Sylvia was an Emmy award winner for her work with the Discovery/Travel Channel. She directed and produced three hit series (Great Hotels, Passport to Europe and Passport to Latin America) and among others has produced for TLC, WE, PBS and Lifetime.