Michael L. Long ... writer/producer

Mike Long, a Florida native, has been working on and off for the last 20+ years on various short films, fashion films, commercials and instructional video projects. He co-founded 386 Films in 2007 and has produced award winning short films; The Guy Knows Everything (2012), Date Night (2011), Parting (2010), Simone (2008), Breaking Val (2007) and Mama's Boys (2007). His hands-on talent behind the camera strengthened 386 Films' reputation in quality visual storytelling that lead to an invite to hold a VIP showcase for The Guy Knows Everything at Sundance Film Festival in 2013.


After a 10-year stint as a Daytona Beach FL police officer and detective, Mike traded in his service gun to continue in the field of filmmaking and started Glideshot Industries, a manufacturer of camera jibs and dollies. His company has since catered to professional and indie filmmakers all over the world. 


For the last 25 years, I’ve been truly passionate about two things, Family and Filmmaking. The latter of which I have committed my professional life to someday perfecting. Having achieved increased success producing a myriad of short films over the past ten years, each noticeably better than the last, it’s no surprise that my next achievement must be a feature film. Not just any feature film, but one worth the time and devotion worth the sacrifice away from my family. It had to be a well written, fully developed, professionally produced and directed feature film.


You only get one chance to make a grand impression when presenting to the world, for the first time, your lifelong passion, all shined and polished; so the content mustn’t be taken lightly. A story of heart, compassion, anger, fear, sadness and consequence. That’s all I needed. That would do it! Hundreds of submitted script reads later, I’m left with nothing, nada, script-o-negative!


With no success finding a script, we locked ourselves away, and wrote what I consider, “my first impression”. Fast forward a little over two years later and MAYFLY has me more than a little excited. I can’t imagine a better way to showcase edgy filmmaking, challenge, and heart, than the path I and the team have chosen with MAFLY. MAYFLY is the chance to showcase beautiful, meaningful filmmaking while secretly maintaining “real” opportunities for everyone involved. I openly ask for nothing more...​

Mayfly Statement

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