David Byrne is a writer/producer who has been writing short and feature length screenplays for over a decade.  He has uncredited appearances in several television shows (Amazing StoriesSex and the City) and films (Sydney WhiteConfessions of a Thug), but his true passion lies in writing and producing. In 2008, he wrote and produced The Samaritan and the Snake under his former film company DAB Films.


David has operated a successful real estate business in Daytona Beach, Florida for over a decade, where he and his partner have managed as many as 100 properties and closed over $100 million in sales.  David grew up interested in graphic arts, film, and creative writing from an early age.  He attended film school at Brooklyn College in New York and has a Bachelor of Science from Full Sail University in Entertainment Business where he graduated as valedictorian in 2012.

David A. Byrne ... Producer

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Mayfly Statement

We all have fears.  We all question our mortality, our choices, who we are.

Some of us are lucky enough to answer those questions, but we are all in the same boat, afflicted with the human condition.


How we approach our lives, how we live them is unique to everyone of us.  How we seek out answers to bigger questions and what we find can define us.


Mayfly is a story about different people from different backgrounds all searching for something.  Something better, something different, something that may or may not exist.


Between two young lovers chasing life as theirs slip away and a small town family that has settled on a simple life, Mayfly tells a story we can all relate to.  It asks the question: is the grass greener on the other side?  Or is it just different?


Mayfly digs into the truth of what we can learn from those who have what we think we want and learning about what we truly need.  More importantly it does it in an entertaining and engaging manner that will keep viewers gripped until the last frame.​